Ensemble Well Log


To study the uncertainty for well log extraction curves, ResInsight enables the user to import an ensemble of well logs and compute the statistical distribution in this ensemble.


  • From the right-click menu of Wells, select Create Ensemble Well Log

  • In the ensemble import dialog, select the files for import into ensembles

  • Select well path and properties for export, select time step for dynamic properties, and use the checkbox to control if you want to create a well log ensemble based on the exported well log files

Click OK when you are ready

  • A Well Log Plot is created in the Plot Window

  • If the geometry is different in the ensembles (structural uncertainty), a depth equalization method is implemented. If the well is crossing layers in the same order across the different ensembles, it is possible to apply a depth equalization from the Property Editor

In the plot above, the part where the crossing of K-layers is consistent, we get an easy to read plot. When the K-layer crossings do not match anymore, it is clearly visible that the plot is not able to display the information correctly.

Well Log Extraction Ensemble File Dialog