Biot Coefficient


The Biot porelastic coefficient defines the compressibility of sand grains, and will influence some of the calculations in ResInsight.


The Biot coefficient can be defined in three ways:

  • Default (Constant value of 1.0)
  • User defined constant for all element
  • One value for each element based on imported values from an element property table

These settings are controlled from the Property Editor when a Geomechanical Case is selected. To use Biot coefficients for each element, perform the following steps:

  • Import values using Import Element Property
  • Select Biot Coefficient from element properties
  • Select the property to be used for Biot coefficient values

The state of an active Biot coefficient is indicated in the info box in upper right coner in the 3D view. This will make sure the Biot coefficient information is availalbe when a snapshot is produced.

Element Property Table

Derived Results