Keyboard Shortcuts

ResInsight supports a selection of Keyboard Shortcuts for convenience. These include Delete for removing deletable items from the project tree, Ctrl-Alt-A for Zoom All and Ctrl-Alt-S/N/W/E/D/U for changing the camera view to South, North, West, East, Down and Up respectively.

Other available keyboard shortcuts are

  • Ctrl-Shift-P for opening up the plot window when you are in the 3d View
  • Ctrl-Shift-3 for opening up the 3d View while you are in the Plot Window
  • Ctrl-X for Cut and Ctrl-V for Paste of project tree items where this functionality is available.
  • Ctrl-O for opening a project
  • Ctrl-S for saving the project
  • F1 for opening the online User Guide
  • Ctrl-M for single line measurement
  • Ctrl-Shift-M for poly line measurement

Summary Plot Manager

Summary Plot Manager

Display Summary ManagerCTRL-K
Append CurvesSHIFT-Enter
Replace CurvesCTRL-Enter
Create New PlotALT-Enter