Project Tree

As described in Overview, ResInsight has two main windows, one for 3D related visualizations and one for 2D graphs and plots. The content and appearance of displayed information is managed and controlled by the Project Tree and the Plot Project Tree, respectively. This page describes some of their general functionality illustrated by examples using Plot Project Tree.

Multiple selection and collective actions

Multiple selection of items in ResInsight offers an entrance to powerful combinations and collective actions. To exemplify, consider the plot of Bottom Hole Pressure for a number of wells atop this page. By multi-selection of wells in Plot Project Tree, you may for instance change the color to yellow for all wells with prefix B as shown below.

Several options are available for multi selection of items which can be used in combination for efficiency and convenience:

  • Ctrl + left mouse button for selecting individual items

  • Shift + left mouse button for selecting a range of consecutive items

  • Item right-click menu:

    Sub Items On: select all sub-items of an item in project tree

    Sub Items Off: deselect all sub-items of an item in project tree

    Toggle Sub Items: deselect previously selected sub-items and select previously not selected sub-items

Undo and Redo

ResInsight offers powerful Undo and Redo functionality. If the user regrets an action, for instance the color setting for multiple wells as exemplified above, the collective action can be undone by pressing Undo.

Undo and Redo is available by:

  • Toolbar icons
  • Edit menu items Undo and Redo
  • Shortcuts Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y

Context sensitive help

ResInsight offers context sensitive for any item in project tree. Most convenient is just to press the F1 help key for any selected item. Alternatively, you may right-click an item (e.g. Summary Curves) and the help system will identify the item as subject and perform the actual search for information by menu item Search Help For.