Windows Installation

ResInsight Installation

  1. Download ZIP binary distribution from
  2. Extract content from ZIP file
  3. Start ResInsight.exe

The binary distribution does not support ABAQUS odb files. For building ResInsight with ABAQUS support, see Build Instructions.

Octave Installation (optional)

  1. Download Octave-4.0.0 and install it. (Newer versions will not work)
  2. Launch ResInsight.exe, open Edit->Preferences.
  3. On the Octave tab, enter the path to the Octave command line interpreter executable.
    ( Usually C:\Your\Path\To\Octave-x.x.x\bin\octave-cli.exe )

A binary package of ResInsight will normally not work with other Octave versions than the one it is compiled with.

You have to point to the cli binary in the windows octave installation. The octave.exe will not work as it is launching the octave GUI.