Build Instructions

Source code

The source code is hosted at GitHub

In a git enabled shell do: git clone

Dependencies and Prerequisites

Windows Compiler

Visual Studio 2019 and later is supported.

GCC Compiler

GCC version 4.9 or later is supported. On RedHat Linux 6 you need to install devtoolset-3, and enable it with

source /opt/rh/devtoolset-3/enable

Qt 5

Qt 5.9 or later is supported, Qt 5.15 is recommended.

Qt download

On some configurations you will be asked to specify the location of Qt 5. Example for Windows : Qt5_DIR=d:\Qt\5.15.0\msvc2019_64\lib\cmake\Qt5


CMake version 3.12 or later is supported.

Build Instructions

The ResInsight build may be configured in different ways, with optional support for Octave plugins, ABAQUS ODB API, HDF5, Pyton, and OpenMP. This is configured using options in CMake.

If you check the button ‘Grouped’ in the CMake GUI, the CMake variables are grouped by prefix. This makes it easier to see all of the options for ResInsight.

  • Open the CMake GUI
  • Set the path to the source code
  • Set the path to the build directory
  • Click Configure and select your preferred compiler
  • Set the build options and click “Configure” again (see ResInsight specific options below)
  • Click Generate to generate the makefiles or solution file and project files in the build directory
  • Run the compiler using the generated makefiles or solution file/project files to build ResInsight


ResInsight has been verified to build and run on Windows 10 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017/2019. Typical usage on Windows is to follow the build instructions above, and then open the generated solution file in Visual Studio to build the application.


Typical usage is to follow the build instructions above to build the makefiles. Then go to the build directory, and run:

  • make
  • make install

To build from the command line without using the CMake GUI:

  • mkdir ResInsight_build
  • cd ResInsight_build
  • (set CMake options)
  • cmake < path to ResInsight source folder >
  • make
  • make install

You will find the ResInsight binary under the Install directory in your build directory.

CMake Options for ResInsight

CMake NameDefaultDescription
RESINSIGHT_BUILD_DOCUMENTATIONOFFUse Doxygen to create the HTML based API documentation. Doxygen must be properly installed.
RESINSIGHT_ENABLE_GRPCOFFEnable gRPC scripting server. Required to be able to use ResInsight from Python
RESINSIGHT_HDF5_DIRBlankWindows Only: Optional path to HDF5 libraries on Windows
RESINSIGHT_ODB_API_DIRBlankOptional path to the ABAQUS ODB API from Simulia. Needed for support of geomechanical models
RESINSIGHT_USE_OPENMPONEnable OpenMP parallellization in the code

Advanced Options

To be able to modify Advanced Options from the CMake User Interface, tick the checkbox Advanced

CMake NameDefaultDescription
RESINSIGHT_QT5_BUNDLE_LIBRARIESOFFLinux only: Include Qt5 libraries in the installation package
RESINSIGHT_BUNDLE_OPENSSLOFFBundle the OpenSSL library binaries
RESINSIGHT_ENABLE_UNITY_BUILDOFFActivate use of CMAKE_UNITY_BUILD on some libraries to improve build speed
RESINSIGHT_INCLUDE_APPFWK_TESTSOFFInclude unit tests from thirdparty libraries AppFwk and VizFwk
RESINSIGHT_PRIVATE_INSTALLONLinux only: Include libecl libraries in the installation package
RESINSIGHT_HDF5_BUNDLE_LIBRARIESOFFLinux only: Include HDF5 libraries in the installation package

Configuration parameters for Python

CMake NameDefaultDescription
RESINSIGHT_ENABLE_GRPCOFFEnable gRPC scripting server. Required to be able to use ResInsight from Python
RESINSIGHT_GRPC_BUNDLE_PYTHON_MODULEOFFBundle GRPC Python module in install folder
RESINSIGHT_GRPC_PYTHON_EXECUTABLEBlankLocation of Python3 executable

Optional Libraries and features


Please see ResInsight Python API for installation and configuration.


Octave is now detected searching the file system. If Octave is not detected, the following file path variable must be defined:

OCTAVE_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE : d:\octave\Octave-4.0.0\bin\octave-config.exe

It is possible to build ResInsight without compiling the Octave plugins. This can be done by specifying blank for the Octave CMake options. The Octave plugin module will not be built, and CMake will show warnings like ‘Failed to find mkoctfile’. This will not break the build or compilation of ResInsight.

ResInsight has been verified to build and run with Octave versions 3.4.3, 3.8.1, and 4.0.0 on RedHat linux, and 4.0.0 on Windows.

Octave Dependencies for Debian Based Distributions

The following command line can be used as a starting point to install required libraries sudo apt-get install git cmake build-essential octave liboctave-dev qtbase5-dev qtscript5-dev

ODB support

ResInsight can be built with support for ABAQUS ODB files. This requires an installation of the ABAQUS ODB API from Simulia on the build computer. The path to the ABAQUS ODB API folder containing header files and library files must be specified. Leaving this option blank gives a build without ODB support. ResInsight has been built and tested with ABAQUS ODB API version 6.14-3 on Windows 7/8/10 and RedHat Linux 6.


HDF5 is used to read SourSimRL result files. On Windows this is optional, while on Linux the installed HDF5 library will be used if present.

Use an advanced flag RESINSIGHT_HDF5_BUNDLE_LIBRARIES to include HDF5 libraries in the installation package.

Tested with 1.8.18 on windows, and default installation on RedHat 6.